I want to share a shortcut that I use every day to reduce stress and feel calm, which is something you can use too.

That trick is plants – and a specific plant extract.

It might SEEM like I have it all together on the internet, but I don’t…

Because I deal with LOTS of stress, uncertainly, and anxiety behind the scenes.

Some days the stress overwhelms me.

So let me ask you – how would you feel with less stress and worry in these changing times?

And as you are likely learning, one person CAN’T do it all! There are just too many to-do’s on a homestead or farm of any scale.

That is why I trust a good friend of mine to grow and make the extracts that I use INSTEAD of doing it myself.

And in fact, I keep a bottle of this particular plant extract (suspenseful I know) in my kitchen, bedroom, and even my truck because it proves to be so effective at immediately reducing my stress levels and anxiety.

Here is what I do…

Depending on the level of stress for a day I take a dropper of broad-spectrum extract in the morning and also at lunch (some may need less or more than me).

This keeps me regulated.

BUT if I have a massive trigger and start malfunctioning I then take 2-3 droppers of the full-spectrum extract.

Additionally, I take the full-spectrum extract if I am having trouble sleeping (instead of those nasty sleeping pills or antihistamines). YUK!

My personal experience shows that this isn’t just some snake oil – because this stuff can change lives.

Now, the results I have had ALONE are worth every penny.

It is by far the best money I have spent in dealing with stress, but to make it even more accessible, they are offering my followers an additional 10%.

The discount code is PERMARESILIENCE and it is already built into the links so when you checkout you’ll see the discount applied automagically!

So, if you want another tool to help you get over the stress, anxiety, and panic that seems to be the norm these days in the matter of minutes, don’t wait to check out this extract that has been life-changing for me.

Discounted BROAD Spectrum ExtractDiscounted FULL Spectrum Extract

About Bret James

I am homesteader and permaculture practitioner farming on 30 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with my fiancée and son. My experience comes from an education in permaculture and what I have ground truthed on the land.

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