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The HHA Case Study Contest

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Contest Rules:

**You can enter even if you haven’t finished your PDC!!**

This giveaway is not about the biggest and best results. This is about YOU, the value you’ve gotten from being part of our amazing community and how you have changed and grown (not how green your garden is). However, if you do want to show us your garden, by all means, do!!

– 1 entry per student
– must be submitted by March 7h at 11:59 PST

Tips for a great video: (hint, you don’t have to have anything special!)

– Position yourself in front of good lighting. Meaning, light is at your face not behind you. Soft natural lighting is best, but either way, just be sure the light is in front of you not behind you. For example in front of a window is great. If recording outside, make sure the light is not too harsh on your face.
– If possible, prop your phone on a table, books or anything stable instead of holding it. You will have a more steady video this way and we can focus better on your message, not a moving background.
– Preferably horizontal orientation, as that’s the format videos are most often viewed.
– Have a general idea of what you’re going to say. See the below for some great questions you can speak to.
– Above all – be creative! Have fun with it! Share your message in a way that’s unique to you!
– If your not tech inclined, you can simply record the video all in one take. Remember, this is about your message, it doesn’t have to be fancy. However if you want to do anything more fancy, there are lot of cheap phone apps that allow you to edit videos super easy and quick (like splicing together clips/takes)
– Record a video 3 minutes or less showcasing the highlights and experience in HHA program. (videos over 3 minutes will be disqualified)
To make a great case study video, here are some things to consider talking about:
  • What was your life like before deciding to join HHA?
  • What challenges were you facing and what were you hoping to achieve?
  • How did you first hear of HHA and permaculture?
  • What was your first impression of how HHA and permaculture could affect your life?
  • What were some of the problems you met along your journey?
  • How long did it take before seeing results or changes in your life?
  • Did these results meet/exceed your expectations?
  • How has this experience changed the way you look at things?
  • What message could you share with others about permaculture?

To upload videos:

Best way it to use dropbox (see below if that’s too complicated)

Download the app to your phone, make an account if you don’t already have one and transfer your video to your dropbox folder. It should be fairly straightforward. Click the +Create button, click upload photos and find the video you recorded.

This may take awhile, as videos are big!! Make sure you’re connected to good wifi.

Once it’s uploaded, click the “…” under the video and share link.

Email us this link at [email protected]

Your Name
Email address associated with your student account
Short 1-2 sentence description of your video.

IF THIS METHOD IS OVER YOUR HEAD TECH-WISE we have some other methods too.

please email Beth at [email protected] and get instructions