My #1 plant extract to reduce stress and feel better TODAY

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I want to share a shortcut that I use every day to reduce stress and feel calm, which is something you can use too.

That trick is plants – and a specific plant extract.

It might SEEM like I have it all together on the internet, but I don’t…

Because I deal with LOTS of stress, uncertainly, and anxiety behind the scenes.

Some days the stress overwhelms me.

So let me ask you – how would you feel with less stress and worry in these changing times?
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homestead life design

4 Keys To Your Best Homestead Life

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If you are desiring better health, more happiness, connection with people and the land and greater abundance in your life then you are likely reading the right article.

If you are interested in growing your own food or even starting a homestead or farm, then you are absolutely reading the right article.

You are going to learn the center point for all of these life improvements and where to start with any of them.

Ready for the punch line?
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holistic homestead

Your Well Being Centers on a Holistic Homestead

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Let me ask you this: Have you considered WHY you really want a homestead? Or why you farm?

Is it because you want to improve your health? Connect with the land? Experience personal freedom? Sure, it’s likely all of the above, but at the core of any reason is that you want to feel good.

So, I’m going to introduce to the idea of the Holistic Homestead, and how this will be the single most important piece of homestead or farm knowledge you can learn.

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The Homestead Summit

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Have you ever seen the Discovery Channel show Alaska The Last Frontier?

We don’t have a TV, but this is the one show we go out of our way to watch and have followed it from season one. These people have been a huge inspiration in our homestead journey.

I was stoked to hear I’d been invited to join their summit, but with less than a 24-hour notice it was a scramble to get prepared!

Not to mention, riding the waves of excitement and high adrenaline.

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how many acres homestead or farm

How Much Land You Need for a Homestead

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Excitement for purchasing our homestead almost left us on the wrong piece of land. With some money in the bank, we were READY to have land and start our own homestead. We fell in love with a cozy little yurt property on 5 acres with a seasonal stream.

Long story short, the owner jerked us around and ultimately we did not end up there. Otherwise, we would have happily of bought his land, and very soon after, would have figured out that we did not have enough land for our homestead desires.

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