I look at the clock and it’s 1:30 am. Pitter. Patter

Pitter patter pitter pitter patter RUMMMBLE.

I jump out of bed and throw on my boots – no time for pants. I find my headlamp and open the camper door and look to the sky. Raindrops fall onto my glasses. I see lightning to the east.

About Bret James

Hi, I’m Bret James. My family and I have created a recession-proof, sh*t-storm proof self-sustainable life. We grow a low-work garden, have an abundant food forest, raise animals holistically, have a stocked pantry of home grown-foods, harvest fresh rainwater, and live in an energy-efficient passive solar straw bale home - all in alignment with nature. And it doesn’t take all of your time, in fact, we run a business and even homeschool our son - all while living a life as outside of the system as possible.

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