As the world around us is rapidly changing and becoming more uncertain and unstable, it’s time to become self-sustainable. These basic steps are what you need to have in place TODAY so that your family is safe and secure before the next disaster.

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Can you imagine a healthy and holistic life, where you and your family are abundant and thriving, no matter what is going on in the world around you? And did you know that there are average people busy raising a family, working or running a business, while creating a free, secure, and self-sustainable life? 

Hi, I’m Brett James. My family and our normal people have incorporated many aspects of self-sustainable living into our daily lives, without taking tons of time or costing tons of money. And I want to show you how you can too. 

But it wasn’t always this way. Now, years ago, I remember thinking that you had to have hundreds of remote acres of land off in the boonies to live a self-sufficient life. So, instead of doing anything about it, I went about my life as usual – working and consuming – living an unhappy and unhealthy life that was fragile and at the whim of society, my boss, and the government totally plugged into the Matrix. 

But if you’re like me, you can’t just ignore when something isn’t right or something is off. Consumerism, the food we eat, and the lifestyle we live are toxic and unhealthy. There are devastating climate events and more frequent grid disruptions exposing the fragility of our infrastructure. Big AG is degrading farmland at a rate that will leave no topsoil and therefore no quality food in the near future.

Since 2020, it seems the world has only spun further out of control. In the span of just two years, we’ve experienced a pandemic, lockdowns, forced injections, economic collapse, massive inflation, and political division, and governments are struggling to keep things civil. 

Now, I see the writing on the wall, and you probably do as well. Now, I want you to understand the urgency here. It’s easy to see that at this point, anything is possible and that at this moment, the trajectory is headed to worse, not better. But instead of panicking, we prepare, and it’s from that place we feel empowered and secure. 

Now, what happens if the food shortages really become a problem and the shelves become bare? What if a mere loaf of bread becomes $20 or more due to inflation? Now, I can’t imagine a future where I would have to look at my family, who is scared, sick, or even hungry, knowing that I could have done something to prevent it. So, how have I changed my life to instead create a more hopeful, healthy, abundant, and independent experience so that I know my family and I can weather whatever storm may come?

Well, the birth of my son is when it all changed. I couldn’t just stand idly by while the world spiraled out of control. I had a family to take care of. Now, I’d been learning of people not only growing food in front and backyards but building food forests, keeping chickens, making compost, using solar heating systems, and collecting rainwater even when on the grid. 

So, I took my first step towards a more self-sufficient life, and I converted a small patch of my yard into my very first garden. And every year since then, we have added more and more to the land in my home to the point where we have thousands of pounds of food growing without much effort. We have months of food canned and preserved so that we rest easy at night no matter what the news says about looming food shortages, and our chickens give us compost and eggs, so we don’t have to worry about the rising costs of food at grocery stores. 

And we have added easy and affordable off-grid systems, such as solar ovens or rainwater harvesting tanks, ensuring our needs are always met. Now, that are just a few examples of some of the things that anyone can do affordably in any home or yard that will give you freedom and independence, so that way you’re not worried about the state of the world and instead focusing on enjoying a happy life. 

So, how do you get there? Knowledge and Skills, are something that no one can ever take away from you, and of course, here I’m referring to the knowledge and skills pertaining to creating a self-sustaining life. And to help spread this knowledge, over a hundred other experts have gotten together to create something extraordinary and affordable that has never been seen before, designed to help you go from being tied to the Matrix to living a self-reliant life no matter where you live.

If this is something that you’d like to hear about, then keep listening because I want to introduce you to the off-grid homestead bundle. So, what is a bundle, you might ask? Well, a team of game-changing educators has joined forces by combining some of their popular ebooks, courses, and training into one epic package that you do not want to miss. 

Now, this collection of resources was specifically curated to give you what you need to know to create a self-sustainable life on topics such as organic gardening, homesteading, food preservation, living off the land, wild foraging, natural healing and herbal remedies, tiny living and minimalism, online income and homestead monetization, homeschooling, prepping, and emergency survival, and much, much more. 

So, if you had knowledge on even just some of these topics, wouldn’t you all of a sudden feel empowered and capable of living a life that you were more in control of, no matter what was going on in the world?

I know that I do. The off-grid homestead bundles a limited-time offer of six thousand dollars worth of life-changing content for only 50 bucks. Yes, you heard me right! Over 140 books and courses on self-sustainable living for a small investment of only fifty dollars – about the cost of dinner out with your family. Why? Because we know that money may be tight but the desire to learn these skills is in higher demand than ever before. 

We did this because people now more than ever are wanting to change the way that they live. There’s no catch other than it’s a very limited-time offer. Just click the button below the video to find out exactly what’s in the bundle, but grab yours now before it’s too late! After midnight Sunday, September 25th, the homestead bundle disappears. You see, there are only three paths forward from here. 

First, you do nothing and life continues on with invisible chains. Second, you pursue self-sustaining living alone, Googling it, adding years to your struggle. Or third, you follow in our footsteps and create your homestead dream faster and easier. 

So, click the button below the video and grab yours now. And I know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night scared for our kids’ future, desperate to do something about it. Something that’ll really help, something that you can get started with right now. The only way tomorrow will be any different for you or your family is by taking different actions today. And some actions are more important than others, some things we do make a much bigger impact than other things. 

Therefore, the quality of our future is dictated by the quality of the choices we make today. And sometimes, the only way not to get caught off guard is to get ahead, especially when you see the writing on the wall. 

So, click the button below the video to begin creating a happy, healthy, and free life today. Lastly, if you’re still here, you might be wondering if this is actually for you. The resources in this bundle are for any person who desires to create a healthier and independent life, doing things like growing food, living simply and holistically, and generating income. Many of the resources are intended for people who are newer to this but will also be helpful to people who have already begun their journey to live a more self-sustainable life.

Now, you can live in any climate or region, and this material will apply. You can live in Suburbia or on acres of land rurally, or even in an apartment. There is an e-book on balcony container gardening, and you can absolutely do this on-grid-tied in any neighborhood. 

And if you feel like you don’t have the time, self-sustainable living doesn’t have to consume your entire life. I have a family and run a business on top of having a homestead, and if money is of concern, many of the things that you can do today to live more self-sufficiently require little investment and often save you money. For example, growing a garden is a very affordable thing to do and can offset expensive organic groceries. 

So, don’t delay, click the video link above to find out more and get your healthy and free life started today.

About Bret James

Hi, I’m Bret James. My family and I have created a recession-proof, sh*t-storm proof self-sustainable life. We grow a low-work garden, have an abundant food forest, raise animals holistically, have a stocked pantry of home grown-foods, harvest fresh rainwater, and live in an energy-efficient passive solar straw bale home - all in alignment with nature. And it doesn’t take all of your time, in fact, we run a business and even homeschool our son - all while living a life as outside of the system as possible.

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