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Chicken Run Before

Here is the chicken run before any work was executed. There were no plants for the chickens to eat or to provide habitats for insects and the clay was hard and dry so when they scratched they found no bugs.

soil building

Building The Soil

In order to have plants growing and to attract insects we needed to build the soil to support life better. Several yards of compost and several yards of decomposed wood shavings were added to the run.

soil building

Woody Elements

Decomposing logs and sticks from around the property were added to the chicken run. The logs not only provide nutrients over time for the soil – they provide an immediate habitat for a myriad of insects the chickens can eat.

chicken straw mulch

Straw Mulch

As a temporary measure to protect the soil from the sun, provide long term nutrients to the soil, provide habitat for insects and to help keep down the flys on the chicken manure straw was added to the run.

Chickens Eating Compost

Move Compost Pile

The run increased in size by 1/3 and part of the area was leveled. This was done to move the compost piles into the run. The chickens can now feed on the greens, kitchen scraps and bugs that live in the compost pile. Once the compost is done it will be moved into the garden.

permaculture chicken forage

Salad Bars

Installed chicken salad bars along the edge of the wood terraces – this allow the chickens to eat grass, clover and seed without uprooting the plants.

More To Come

As this design is executed and established more photos will be posted.

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