Will it help you create a healthier garden, will it help your homestead be more resilient, more sustainable, save you time or save you money?

Video Transcript:

The answer to this question is yes permaculture will work for you. 

Permaculture works in any region any climate, any region!

But and here’s the important thing, because of course, you know the devil is always in the details –  not every technique not every tool, not every strategy that permaculture outlines will work for you.

That is a critical defining piece right there.

So what is the key what is the secret ingredient that allows you to know if permaculture is going to work for you?

It’s simple. 

It’s matching your climate to the strategy.

Now for the sake of answering this quickly and easily, there’s essentially three parent, or primary climates, that we can look at that almost everybody in the world lives in. 

That would be arid temperate and tropical. 

Some can be on the border of a couple of different climates and there’s a lot of sub climates.

If you look at the köppen climate classification system – that’s a really great way to determine what climate you’re in and so once you know your climate you then align your strategies to your climate. 

For example, if you know you live in the tropics dryland farming is probably not for you. 

Or maybe you live in the drylands then you know the strategy of water harvesting is going to be appropriate for you. 

Does that make sense?

It’s simple – figure out your climate and align it to the strategy.

That’s how you make permaculture work for you. 

I will say though there is more to it than just that of course –  that was just a broad generalization. 

There’s another component that I want to tell you about – permaculture will work for you if it is right for your site.

You determine that is through site observation and through ecological literacy.

That’s what a lot of what permaculture teaches and when I teach permaculture it is a big core fundamental component -ecological literacy.

It is like the saying if you give a man or woman a fish, you feed him for a day.

If you give a man or woman a fishing pole you feed him for life. 

It’s that same kind of thing because if you can teach somebody to be able to read nature to understand ecology then you give them the ability to determine if something is gonna work on their site in their garden.

So top recap – the second critical piece of this is ecological literacy which is understanding what’s

going on in the landscape, understanding what’s going on in your garden to be able to determine if permaculture is going to work for you.

So will permaculture work for you?

YES if you align the right strategies, tools, and techniques with your climate. 

And then you use your understanding of ecology to ensure that the strategies, tools, and techniques work on your land. 

About Bret James

Hi, I’m Bret James. My family and I have created a recession-proof, sh*t-storm proof self-sustainable life. We grow a low-work garden, have an abundant food forest, raise animals holistically, have a stocked pantry of home grown-foods, harvest fresh rainwater, and live in an energy-efficient passive solar straw bale home - all in alignment with nature. And it doesn’t take all of your time, in fact, we run a business and even homeschool our son - all while living a life as outside of the system as possible.

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  • Andrea Mallard Chandler says:

    WOW!!! So Amazing that I found you both. I’m so excited to talk to you and your wife , that I can barely think where to start with. I”ll start by saying my life prayer and dream is to homestead & become self sustainable. I’ve been studying diffenrent ways to build a home that fits our needs but is yet one with nature. So yurts came up while back. My life long best friend and her husband are kinda teaming up with my husband & myself to accomplish our goals. And so my bff’s name is Janice & she mentioned a yurt while back. Of course they’re not common in the south east region of the US, YET. SO, after months of looking them up I happened to stumble across yall. And OMG!!! I wanna take your ideas and run with them. I grew up on a farm . My grandparents & Father didn’t believe in purchasing anything from the stores if you didn’t have to and I’m so Grateful they instilled these values in me. Oh Yeah, please tell your wife ” I LOVE HER ALREADY!, LOL” seriously she & I have so much in common. Can’t wait to read more into your permaculture class. OH YEAH! one more thing the main reason I’m commenting is because my entire life I’ve had this God given gift that I never really knew was much use to anyone else & I also didn’t know how to apply it. I guess I just thought that everyone thought this way, ….. this gift is I can walk around pretty much any lawn, forest AKA “The Woods” a garden & name almost every plant also knowing there needs and what can help them flourish. Like I mentioned I didn’t know that everyone else didn’t have flaming passion for plants, insects, eco systems, etc. Until I noticed more close friends and family telling me, Girl you have a gift. How do you know that ? truth is I really don’t know it just comes natural. So, with all this being said ” NICE TO MEET YALL, FROM LEXINGTON SC” Thank You for offering your free Crash course and I’m know going to take part in those 3. God Bless & God Speed

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